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  • Marjorie Taylor Greene Say's Democrats Are Burning Food Plants To Create Shortages ??

    #mtg #foodplants #foodshortages #infowars #batsgreene Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is pushing a new conspiracy theory centered around the food and baby formula shortage currently plaguing the United States. During a recent appearance on the far-right broadcast, InfoWars, the Republican lawmaker echoed the bizarre claims of conspiracy theorists as she suggested that Democratic lawmakers are responsible for torching food facilities to create shortages. According to Rolling Stone, the latest theories appear to be based on the fires that actually do occur. Greene suggested that: "Democrats are starting the fires on purpose in order to deprive the nation of food, which would be advantageous for them because they’re playing some sort of globalist long game and don’t want anything to be manufactured in America … or something like that. It’s not totally clear." Citing a report from the National Fire Protection Association, Rolling Stone noted: "Nearly two dozen food processing plants have gone up in flames this year. This isn’t out of the ordinary — there are thousands of fires at manufacturing facilities every year." But in true conspiracy fashion, Greene and other far-right extremists have misconstrued facts to fit into a disturbing narrative they appear to have created. When Greene appeared on InfoWars, she ranted about the current issue with host Alex Jones. "The Biden administration and the Democrats … are destroying the very important, most critical part of the fabric of America, and that is our farmers,” Greene ranted. “They’re doing it on purpose. They want to be the global economy. They want to be completely involved. And here we have these ‘random,’ supposedly accidental fires at food processing plants.” Jones also signaled in agreement with Greene. Claiming to have spoken with "mathematicians," Jones said, it seems “'mathematically impossible' for processing plants to be catching fire like they have been so far this year." He added, “Everything the globalists are doing is about destroying real sustainability and making things collapse to bring in their new world order." Greene's latest conspiracy theory follows criticism for a multitude of previously debunked claims. User & Disclaimer Agreement

  • Lyin Ted Cruz ABSOLUTELY ROASTED his own words in Viral Super cut

    #lyintedcruz #theverdict #cancuncruz #gop #cocaunmitch #roewade Ted Cruz shamelessly smeared peaceful protesters speaking out against the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade while defending the January 6 insurrection. Francis Maxwell rolls the tape and exposes Ted's hypocrisy. User & Disclaimer Agreement

  • Thousands of Bans Off Our Bodies abortion rights supporters Flood Cities

    #abortionrights #BansOff #scotus #protests #rallies Credit RawStory 05/14/2022 by Agence France-Presse Thousands of activists are gearing up to take to US streets Saturday in a national day of action calling for safe and legal access to abortion. The planned nationwide demonstrations are a response to leaked draft opinion showing the United States Supreme Court's conservative majority is considering overturning Roe v. Wade, a landmark 1973 ruling guaranteeing abortion access nationwide. "Our bodies are our own -- if they are not, we cannot be truly free or equal," says a petition from Bans Off Our Bodies, which was organized by groups including Planned Parenthood and the Women's March. "Across the country, some politicians are trying to make decisions about our bodies for us," it says. "We won't let the abortion bans sweeping the country put our lives and futures at risk, and we won't be silenced while our fundamental right to control our bodies is taken away." Protesters are expected in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Austin and Chicago, as well as at hundreds of smaller events across the country. The leak of the draft opinion has ignited fury over the potential rollback of abortion rights ahead of November's key midterm elections, when control of both congressional chambers are at stake. Democrats have pushed to codify abortion rights into federal law, a bid to pin down Republicans on the deeply divisive issue ahead of the crucial polls. The House-passed Women's Health Protection Act would assure health care providers have the right to provide abortions and that patients have the right to receive them. But Republicans in the US Senate refused to allow a vote on the measure earlier this week. The legislative result does not square with American opinion at large: a new Politico/Morning Consult poll has 53 percent of voters saying Roe should not be overturned, up three percentage points since last week, while 58 percent said it was important to vote for a candidate who supports abortion access. Republican-controlled states already have taken steps to restrict abortion rights in recent months, and overturning Roe v. Wade would grant them far greater latitude to restrict or ban the procedure. "We ALL lose if Roe is overturned," tweeted Rachel O'Leary Carmona, executive director of the Women's March. "Even those in small conservative towns like mine in Texas who are grateful for the abortion their wife had during a pregnancy that put her health at risk, or afraid of the one their granddaughter may be unable to access if she were raped," she wrote. She had earlier tweeted: "If you're angry like me, join us on the streets this Saturday." The right to access abortion has long triggered activism, but the Supreme Court leak has spurred an uptick in demonstrations, including outside the homes of justices. The largely peaceful protests have drawn Republican criticism over privacy rights of court members, but activists have responded by pointing to years of often violent protests outside abortion clinics and at the homes of doctors providing the medical procedure. And many have cited the pending Supreme Court decision as a far greater invasion of privacy. "You don't get to take away my bodily autonomy and get enjoy your Saturday at home. You can do one or the other," one protestor, Nikki Enfield, told a local CBS television affiliate. Police in Washington, still on edge after the US Capitol was attacked by a mob of then-president Donald Trump's supporters in January 2021, have set up temporary fencing around the Supreme Court. The leaked opinion is also spawning renewed calls by Democrats and progressives to add justices to the nation's highest court, fueled by the possibility that they will not stop with Roe v. Wade and could overturn other landmark decisions. User & Disclaimer Agreement

  • Republicans Are Openly Abusing Their Power And Somehow Getting Away With It

    #disney #copyright #joshhawley #gopmob #politicalweasels Republican Senator Josh Hawley is proposing to shorten the time that companies can protect their creative work through copyrights, in the latest shot at Walt Disney Co. Hawley introduced a bill that would limit copyright protections to 56 years and make that change retroactive, so Disney could no longer claim exclusive rights to some older characters like Mickey Mouse. “The age of Republican handouts to Big Business is over,” Hawley, from Missouri, said in a press release. “It’s time to take away Disney’s special privileges and open up a new era of creativity and innovation.” Disney, the world’s largest entertainment company, has found itself the target of Republicans after coming out against a Florida law restricting the discussion of gender identity in schools. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation last month eliminating a special municipal district that the company had operated in since the 1960s. In his statement, Hawley called Disney a “woke” corporation. Under current law Mickey Mouse, which dates back to a character from the 1928 cartoon “Steamboat Willie,” is set to lose copyright protection in 2024. When asked about this in the past Disney has said there are other ways to protect its intellectual property, such as establishing trademarks, which are different from copyrights. The company declined to comment on Hawley’s proposal. User & Disclaimer Agreement

  • Paris Hilton shares school abuse story, urges Congress to put a stop to it

    Paris Hilton shared vulnerable photos on Thursday of herself at the age of 18 following abuse she says she experienced at a Utah boarding school. The entrepreneur, 39, previously opened up about the emotional and psychological toll her stay at Provo Canyon School had on her in a YouTube Originals documentary This Is Paris that premiered in September. The school is now under different ownership. In the pictures she shared on Instagram, Hilton's face has a somber expression as she poses in a hat and T-shirt with NYPD logos and black pants. "These photos were taken when I was 18 and had recently came home from the horrible experiences I went through at #ProvoCanyonSchool. I can see the pain in my eyes," the entrepreneur wrote. She continued, "I was so traumatized that I pretended everything was okay, trying to block out the painful memories." User & Disclaimer Agreement

  • The Soprano States Files: John Francis Roman Linden Airport

    #corruptnj #thesopranostatefiles #linden #nj #lindenairport Filmed 11/20/2019 Most of this clip will not be used in the Documentary do to sound issues. But it shows early information on concerns, as well as the smear tactics employed by the city of Linden, NJ. In the finished documentary these issues are covered more in-depth. To include statements from government employees, as well as members of the press in NJ. User & Disclaimer Agreement

  • Christian Evangelical Child Abuse is on the Rise

    #Evangelical #ChildAbuse #Republicanofficial #JohnRaymond #goppedofil According to a report from, a Louisiana Republican official who also serves as a pastor has stepped down from his position as a headmaster at a Christian school after being arrested for a second time for physically abusing a 4-year-old child. Just one month ago, Pastor John Raymond was arrested for allegedly taping kids' mouths shut at the Christian school he runs in Slidell, a city in the St. Tammany Parish. At the time he defended his actions, telling reporters he gave the five children a choice of having their mouths closed with packing tape or face school suspensions because they were bullying a teacher. According to USA Today, he claimed that "all five volunteered to have their mouths taped shut" and "said the tape didn't impede their breathing and wasn't wrapped all the way around their heads." Now Raymond has been accused of cruelty to another juvenile at the Lakeside Christian Academy he founded. The new report states, "several witnesses, including former teachers, faculty and parents, came forward to report additional incidents, some going back as far as 2017," with's Sara Pagones reporting that "in another incident, Raymond allegedly held the boy upside down by his ankles and repeatedly 'whipped him on the buttocks.'" The report states that Raymond, who serves on St. Tammany's Republican Parish Executive Committee, previously appeared on the " Survivor" reality TV series and ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the Louisiana House of Representatives. According to the new report, after previously being charged with three counts of cruelty to juveniles, Raymond was taken into custody with the school notifying parents he is taking a leave of absence "as these matters are being resolved." rawstory User & Disclaimer Agreement

  • Trump Attorney Faces Disbarment Complaint for "Spreading falsehoods"

    #jennaellis #sidneypowell #ethicscomplaint #barcomplaint #RudyGiuliani On Thursday, The Denver Post reported that an organization has filed a complaint against Jenna Ellis, the Colorado-based attorney who helped former President Donald Trump try to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, that could result in her disbarment. "The bipartisan watchdog group States United Democracy Center filed a complaint against Ellis Thursday with the Colorado Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, asking for an investigation into whether she violated her ethical obligations as an attorney," reported Conrad Swanson. "After the election Ellis 'knowingly spread falsehoods' about its results; helped Trump try to persuade former Vice President Mike Pence not to certify the election results by providing 'misleading legal advice;' and 'amplifying false theories of voter fraud.'" "Using her law license in Colorado, Ellis advised Trump and his team on how to 'overturn the will of the American people in 2020,' Aaron Scherzer, senior counsel at the States United Democracy Center, said," the report continued. "'Ms. Ellis made numerous public misrepresentations alleging fraud in the election,' the SUDC complaint says. 'Even as federal and state election officials repeatedly found that no fraud had occurred that could have altered the outcome (of the election) and even as Mr. Trump and his allies brought and lost over 60 lawsuits claiming election fraud or illegality.' The complaint also cites two memos by Ellis claiming Pence could stop Biden’s victory." Before working on Trump's legal team, Ellis previously worked as a prosecutor in the Weld County District Attorney's office, but was fired from that role for "unsatisfactory performance," including failure to properly follow the procedures in Colorado's Crime Victim Rights Act. She now works as a commentator for the far-right cable network Newsmax. Ellis is not the only pro-Trump attorney facing administrative action for their behavior around the 2020 election. Sidney Powell, who also tried to get state results thrown out, faces ethics investigations and legal action for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems, an elections equipment company she accused of rigging votes; meanwhile, John Eastman, the architect of the legal theory Pence could disqualify electors, is under investigation by both the California Bar and the House Select Committee on January 6 There is no evidence to support the idea that the 2020 presidential election was stolen or illegitimate in any way. User & Disclaimer Agreement

  • DeSantis, Sued For His Political Attack On Disney

    #desantis #deranged #sued #attack #disney #roewade Florida taxpayers are suing Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for potentially saddling them with over $1 billion in debt after he revoked Disney’s special zoning agreement after the company criticized his Don’t Say Gay law. Michael Foronda, Edward Foronda and Vivian Gorsky — three taxpayers who live near the Walt Disney World theme park and resort in Orlando — filed the lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday. Their filing says that they (and other taxpayers) “will now have to assume the tax burden that Disney previously assumed under the special tax status,” Courthouse News reported. Last month, DeSantis revoked Disney’s decades-old special zoning agreement that basically allowed Disney to self-govern the 39-square mile Reedy Creek Improvement District. The agreement allowed Disney to operate the district’s zoning laws and its municipal services, including its police and fire departments. Dissolving the special tax district means taxpayers will now have to pay the estimated $58 million annually required to provide those and other services. That will likely increase local property taxes between 20 to 25 percent. Additionally, Disney issued bonds with the state worth more than $1 billion. The dissolution of the district now means that the state is on the hook for the bond debt. Disney has reminded Florida of these costs, and the state has jeopardized its bond ratings because of its actions. A lowered bond rating would mean that Florida’s taxpayers will have to pay out more on the state government’s bonds. The plaintiffs’ lawsuit named DeSantis Florida Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee and Florida Department of Revenue Director Jim Zingale as defendants. DeSantis’ office has yet to comment on the lawsuit, but last week, his spokesperson Christina Pushaw — a woman who accused “Don’t Say Gay” critics of being pedophiles — said that Florida taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay for Disney’s dissolved special district. But she offered no specifics. More here User & Disclaimer Agreement

  • Donald Trump Jr.'s : Most Bizarre Video Rant Ever

    #donjr #drugs #SCOTUS #leak #rant #roe #Bizarre Donald Trump Jr. is not coping well with Monday's leak of the United States Supreme Court's draft majority opinion ending abortion rights – but not because millions of his fellow citizens will lose their fundamental liberties. On Wednesday morning, Junior posted a video to Rumble in which he freaked out over the fact that a forthcoming Supreme Court ruling was prematurely made public. The three-minute video began with an overly stimulated Junior flailing around, shouting about privacy, and demanding a "criminal investigation" into the leak (there is no evidence so far that any laws were broken): Junior said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation should spearhead his desired probe because it once looked into a suspected noose that was hanging from a garage door belonging to NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, which turned out to be nothing. There is no connection between the Wallace incident and the Supreme Court leak. User & Disclaimer Agreement