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Wall Street's Growing Unease with DeSantis and the Quest for a GOP Savior

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By Michael MH | | May 8, 2023

As the US political climate continues to heat up, Wall Street's dissatisfaction with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is becoming increasingly evident. This article examines the reasons behind this unease and looks into the ongoing search for a Republican candidate who can stand up against former President Donald Trump in the upcoming elections. [1] [2]

Wall Street's Anti-Trump Stance and DeSantis' Ascent

Wall Street has been a hot spot for the "Never Trump" crowd, with lots of important people speaking out against the former president's actions and his way of talking. For a while, it appeared that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis could be the answer to their prayers. DeSantis' national prominence and robust fundraising efforts, which attracted support from hedge fund titans like Ken Griffin and Jeff Yass, had placed him as a potential challenger to Trump in the Republican primary. However, many are now also concerned with DeSantis' culture war with Disney and the controversial "don't say gay bill," [2] which have led to doubts about his ability to win over a broader base of voters and govern effectively.

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Wall Street's Diminishing Confidence in DeSantis

Despite his earlier appeal, Wall Street's faith in DeSantis as a feasible alternative to Trump has dwindled. This can be traced back to various factors, including doubts about his ability to attract a wider base of voters and questions regarding his leadership skills. Consequently, numerous Wall Street donors have started looking for a fresh candidate who can not only survive a primary battle with Trump but also secure victory in the general election. [3]

Biden and the Democrats Woo Wall Street

As Republicans grapple with finding an appropriate contender, President Joe Biden and the Democrats are actively courting Wall Street's support. Biden hasn't hesitated to criticize "MAGA Republicans," leveraging the term to rally backing for the Democratic Party among influential donors and elected officials. The Democrats' emphasis on critical issues like abortion rights, economic stability, and social justice has resonated with many in the financial sector, making a Democratic triumph in the upcoming elections increasingly plausible.[2]

The Persistent Hunt for a GOP Savior

With DeSantis' star waning, Wall Street is left searching for a new Republican hero who can not only take on Trump but also present a viable alternative to the Democrats. Saving our country requires an individual capable of reaching out to diverse groups and demonstrating exceptional leadership while articulating their vision for America's future.[1]

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The Republicans' ability to find such a candidate remains uncertain in these unpredictable political times. If they fail to do so, Wall Street's endorsement may decisively shift toward Democrats, with significant consequences for both the Republican Party and the nation as a whole.

To Sum it up, Wall Street's discontent with Governor Ron DeSantis underscores the ongoing struggle within the Republican Party to find a candidate who can effectively challenge both Trump and the Democrats in the upcoming elections.[1] [2]

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