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Video Shows Fake Trump Elector Escorting Sidney Powell Allies into Georgia election office

On CNN Tuesday, correspondent Drew Griffin analyzed newly revealed footage showing a GOP operative in Georgia helping associates of pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell infiltrate the elections offices in a small, heavily Republican community in the center of the state.

This was going on at exactly the same time an illegal breach was found to have happened in the county's voting system. And it comes amid investigations into Powell, a conspiracy theorist who has repeatedly spearheaded failed legal actions to overturn the elections of multiple states where President Joe Biden won. She has since been disowned even by Trump's associates for her antics.

"Breaches of these voting machines ... in swing states are under investigation across the country," Griffin anchor John Berman. "This one happened in Coffee County, Georgia, rural county. CNN obtained surveillance video at one of the offices where the voting machines were breached."

"This is Cathy Latham we're showing you, the former chairman of the Coffee County GOP,"

"This is Cathy Latham we're showing you, the former chairman of the Coffee County GOP," DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:adjt2e fake electors who signed documents who declared Donald Trump was the winner of the 2020 election. Latham can be seen escorting a team of pro-Trump operatives into the office, including an IT specialist working with Sidney Powell. This all happens on the same day the voting system in that office was illegally breached. January 7th, 2021, the day after the attack on the U.S. Capitol. Text messages, emails, and witness testimony from a civil lawsuit against Georgia election officials have connected Latham, that woman, to the plan to give the group access to the elections office."

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All of this, noted Griffin, was a week after Latham testified before Georgia state lawmakers with Trump ally Rudy Giuliani, telling them that there were irregularities in Coffee County voting machines.

"Latham's attorney told CNN in a statement that 'Ms. Latham has not acted improperly or illegally,' and 'Ms. Latham did not authorize or participate in ballot scanning efforts, computer imaging, or any similar activity,'" added Griffin. "The IT specialist firm says it had no reason to believe he was doing anything wrong either. One important note, Coffee County, where this happened, is a Republican stronghold. Donald Trump won this county with 70 percent of the vote. But you can see from the video there that the Trump-connected team wanted to, and was able to get, access to that elections office."


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