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Update: Evidence Supports Claims Mayor Armstead Tampered with Election

December 4, 2019

In a previous article, there was some doubt cast by Danie Orelien Armstead on whether that Mayor Derek Armstead had committed election fraud in the school board election. In fact, she stated that we “” wanted people to believe that “the only reason the mayor is winning elections is because he’s committing election fraud. “

No Mrs. Armstead I don’t believe that at all. I think the Mayor could have won possibly without cheating.

But unfortunately, he chose not to do it fairly. He chose to cheat as the below document clearly shows. Now as for your statement of “slander,” which is defined as a defamatory statement that is spoken. I believe the word you were looking for was “libel,” which is defined as a defamatory statement that is written. A good example of libelous statements would be “Fake News & John Roman owns my company.”

But we will not have to debate this for long, as it is my understanding that the State of New Jersey is looking into this matter. The misuse of confidential school information by text messaging is illegal.

I would suggest that the city opens a municipal investigation into the use of text messaging from parental or student contact information, but let’s be honest; the only Investigations your squad opens in Linden are ones to harass political rivals.

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