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Uncovering the Truth: at Robb Elementary and the Quest for Accountability

By MichaelMH Published Jan 10, 2023

May 2022 Robb Elementary.webp

On May 2022, Robb Elementary suffered a devastating massacre that left innocent children dead and dying. The incident was under the jurisdiction of Police Chief Pete Arredondo and as such, he has faced significant criticism for the outcome. Recently obtained footage from an interview conducted the day after the shooting, reveals Arredondo giving a contrasting account of events than what was previously stated.

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It is clear from the interview that Arredondo was aware of the severity of his decisions and yet he continues to not accept accountability for them. The footage also suggests that Arredondo is trying to conceal the truth by being evasive and not providing complete information to investigators. It is apparent that he recognizes that admitting fault would make it harder for him to use his role as "incident commander" as a shield.

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Furthermore, the video not only displays Arredondo's attempts to avoid responsibility but also his cowardice. He made several decisions that led to the tragic outcome at Robb Elementary, and yet he is unwilling to accept responsibility for them and the innocent lives that were lost. Instead, he tries to downplay his role, avoids answering questions directly, and even tries to place the blame on others. Such behavior is unacceptable for any leader and particularly in a situation where innocent lives are at stake.

The release of this previously unreported interview raises many serious questions regarding the events that took place at Robb Elementary in May 2022, and the reasons behind the high number of deaths and injuries. The footage also raises questions on why the gunman was allowed to roam freely in the school without intervention for over an hour while officers waited outside. Until these questions are answered, it may be difficult to fully comprehend the events that occurred at Robb Elementary and how to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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