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Women from politicians to beauty queens, have taken up arms to defend Ukraine

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As millions seek to escape Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, 200,000 people have gone the other way, toward the fighting. Many are women, risking the dangers of war to rescue relatives or defend their homes and Country.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has faced with stiff battle as civilians answer the call to defend their nation. Women across the nation, from politicians to beauty queens, have taken up arms to defend Ukraine in the hour of need.

Speaking to India Today, Ukrainian MP Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik spoke about organising resistance groups against Russian assault. Meanwhile, MP Lesia Vasylenko called on foreigners to join Ukraine in resisting the Russian invasion of the country.

Lesia Vasylenko said,“We are a country in complete war. There is no time for somebody to give you training and lessons. Everybody is busy with their tasks.”

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The Ukrainian MP referred to the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine, a separate unit of foreigners that is being formed for those who wish to join the resistance against Russian invasion.

“We opened international territorial defense unit of Ukraine, if you want to help Ukraine fight this invasion, you can sign up at Ukraine embassies in your country and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Ukrainian men and women and help us get rid of the biggest aggressor in the world and have peace in the world,” Lesia Vasylenko said.

“But we need your help to fight in Ukraine’s right to exist,” the Ukrainian MP added.

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