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Donald Trump's Critique on 'Woke': A Strategic Move in Political Branding

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By Gotcha Media | | June 4, 2023

Internet personality Beau of the Fifth Column ponders the surprising critique made by former President Donald Trump on the overused term "woke," in the current political landscape. Even though the term is widely used, Trump has shown an aversion towards it, leading several individuals to question his intentions.

Beau argues that Trump's primary strength lies in his prowess for political branding, and he seems to be leveraging this skill to reposition his main opponent in the Republican primary, who has positioned himself as the anti-woke warrior. By undermining the term 'woke,' Trump is effectively destabilizing his opponent's brand, leaving him deprived of a recognizable identity.

Beau expects that Trump will continue this campaign, forcing people to become more explicit about their grievances.

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However, Beau also highlights potential downsides. He warns that this strategy might lead to a more explicit and possibly aggressive rhetoric. The term "woke," which is often used as a coded or 'dog whistle' term targeting marginalized communities, might be replaced by more overt language. This shift may cause the discourse to become more polarized and direct.

Beau suggests that we watch for potential ramifications: how Trump continues to influence the Republican party narrative, how his opponent adapts to the changing narrative, and how the Republican base responds to these changes. An increase in direct and aggressive rhetoric might not be entirely negative, as it could lead to a 'mask slip,' exposing the underlying motives and ideologies of politicians and potentially affecting their support base. Beau ends on a contemplative note, urging viewers to observe the unfolding political landscape.

In my opinion, Donald Trump's critique on 'woke' is a brilliant strategic move in political branding. This critique aims to force DeSantis to reshape his rally call 'woke', which will create discourse within the Republican primary and the broader political landscape.

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