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Trump Escalates His Rhetoric After Attack On Pelosi

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Just days after Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband was attacked with a hammer at their home in San Francisco, President Trump took to the stage at a rally in Florida to mock her. "Crazy Nancy Pelosi, by the way how is she doing lately?” This comes as Democrats have blamed violent Republican rhetoric for motivating the attack on Paul Pelosi.

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Trump has long been criticized for his incendiary rhetoric, which some say has contributed to an increase in violence and division in the country. In the wake of the attack on Pelosi's husband, Democrats are renewing their calls for Trump to tone down his language.

Trump's rhetoric has been particularly heated in recent weeks as he ramps up his re-election campaign. At a rally in North Carolina last week, he told supporters that they should "vote for [him] or you're not going to have a country anymore."

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"These are people that hate our country," Trump said of Democrats at the rally. "If you don't vote for me, you're going to see your stocks go down the tubes."

Democrats have accused Trump of using dangerous and divisive language like this recently and in the past to incite violence. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump's comments about Democrats hating America are "unpatriotic" and "dangerous."

"When the president speaks like that, he is inciting violence," Pelosi said. "When people do things like what happened to my husband... it is a direct result of the former president's words."

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there's no denying that Trump's rhetoric has become increasingly hostile in recent months. And with tensions running high ahead of the 2022 mid-term election, there is no telling how far things could escalate if Trump doesn't start toning down his language.

What do you think? Should Trump be held responsible for the attacks inspired by his rhetoric? Is Trump Yelling Fire in a theater filled with explosives????

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