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The Texas Grid and Ted Cruz, The Cancun Goose 2.0

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

By MichaelMH Published Nov. 18, 2022

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The not-for-profit North American Electric Reliability Corp assesses how prepared American and Canadian energy providers are for winter deep freezes and summer heat waves. NERC released its winter 2022-23 winter readiness report for America's grids. It found that the grid Texas relies on, ERCOT, was at risk.

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This news comes as a blow to Texans who are still recovering from the last winter storm that left many without power for days on end. Causing at least 246 Texans died when the power grid the state depended on failed after being battered by three February 2021 winter storms. Some data analysts put the death toll closer to 800.

But never fear! If history is any indicator, Ted Cruz will be sure to fly the coop again at the first sign of trouble.

In case you need a refresher, Ted Cruz is the Texas senator who flew to Cancun while his constituents were freezing to death during a winter storm. He was caught red-handed when photos of him boarding a plane to sunny Mexico surfaced online, and he was forced to fly back to Texas in shame. But it looks like he may get the chance to redeem himself!

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According to NERC's report, ERCOT is at risk because it doesn't have enough generating capacity to meet peak demand. This means that there's a chance that we could see another round of blackouts and power outages this winter. And if history is any indicator, Ted Cruz “The Cancun Goose” will be sure to jet off to warmer climates at the first sign of trouble.

So, there you have it, folks. ERCOT is at risk and Ted Cruz is likely to flee the scene once again. Let's just hope that this time he has the decency to wait until after the power has been restored before he jets off to Cancun!

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