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The Spiral Down of Mayor Eric Adams: Missteps and Misjudgments

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Eric Adams mayor of New York

|By Gotcha New's Daily| Jessica P| July, 3 2023

In New York City, a place known for its ever-changing skyline and equally turbulent political landscape, The Spiral Down of Mayor Eric Adams neck-deep into a sea of controversies. His actions and policies have left a trail of disgruntled New Yorker's who are questioning his ability to lead effectively.

A Plantation Owner, Really?

Let's kick things off with a jaw-dropping incident that unfolded at a town hall meeting. Adams, in a fit of what can only be described as verbal gymnastics, compared Jeanie Dubnau, a Rutgers University professor and tenants' rights activist, to a plantation owner. Yes, you read that right. Dubnau had the audacity to question Adams about the skyrocketing rent increases in New York City, and this was his retort. The exchange went viral, and Dubnau hopes it shines a light on Adams' policies. “It’s about time someone took him to task,” she might as well have said [1].

Draconian Measures and Civil Liberties, Who Needs Them?

Now, let's talk about Adams' new policy that has civil rights advocates up in arms. The policy puts police at the forefront of removing individuals exhibiting signs of mental illness from public spaces. While Adams paints this as a humanitarian effort, critics argue it's a thinly veiled attempt to sweep the homeless under the rug. The vague language of the directive is like handing the police a blank check to detain individuals based on arbitrary evaluations of mental health. “You have my permission to do it, however you need to do it,” seems to be the message Adams is sending to the police.

The Press Freedom Fiasco

But wait, there's more. The NYPD, under Adams' watch, has developed a notorious reputation for attacking journalists. From arresting veteran photojournalist Stephanie Keith to assaulting Gabe Quinones with a baton, the list is endless. The audacity of the NYPD knows no bounds, and Adams seems to be turning a blind eye. “Is this the media capital of the world or a police state?” one might ask [2].

The Thin Blue Line Gets Thicker

And then there’s the issue of police brutality. A report by a court-appointed monitor alleges that Adams’ resurrection of a controversial anti-crime unit has led to a surge in civil liberties violations against Black and Hispanic people. The report suggests that 97% of the stops made by the rebranded 'neighborhood safety teams' were of Black or Hispanic individuals, and 24% of the stops were unconstitutional. The NYPD seems to be on a power trip, and Adams is in the driver’s seat.

The Long Island Audit Incident: A Microcosm of a Larger Issue

SeanPaul Reyes, known as the Long Island Audit, is a constitutional activist who films inside

SeanPaul Reyes, known as the Long Island Audit

government buildings, including police precincts, to test whether officials respect First Amendment rights. He’s part of a growing movement that is shining a light on the NYPD’s hostility toward filming. Despite filming being generally protected by the First Amendment, the NYPD has imposed restrictions on filming inside precincts. Reyes continues to film, asserting his First Amendment rights and challenging officials’ knowledge of the law. He aims to expose bad officers and hold them accountable through his platform [3].

This incident serves as a snapshot, capturing a glimpse into the much broader issue of routine infringements on civil rights by police officers, all happening under the seemingly indifferent gaze of Mayor Adams. It's a glaring wake-up call that the fight for civil liberties is still raging, and the tenacious endeavors of folks like Reyes are instrumental in keeping the powers-that-be on their toes.

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Who Pays the Bill?

"Ah, the million-dollar question - who foots the bill for all this? Well, brace yourselves, New Yorkers, because it’s your hard-earned tax dollars at work. New York is a state that rolls out the red carpet of immunity for most, if not all, state and city employees. What does this mean in plain English? It means that when the police get a little too handsy with their authority and trample on your rights, their wallets remain untouched. It’s the taxpayers who cough up the dough. Involuntarily committed by the city? Rights violated? Ka-ching! That’s the sound of taxpayers’ money being siphoned off.

And let’s not forget the litany of issues outlined in this article - barring the Rutgers professor debacle, which, if it snowballs into a civil suit, could also have taxpayers reaching for their wallets. The refrain is all too familiar among public officials, government employees, and police officers: “It’s not my money.” Until there’s a seismic shift that holds those who willfully and with knowledge violate civil rights accountable, it will continue to be “not their money” but yours, dear taxpayers."

The Verdict on the Spiral Down of Mayor Eric Adams

Mayor Eric Adams’ tenure is marred by a series of missteps and misjudgments. From attacking professionals to implementing draconian policies and turning a blind eye to police misconduct, Adams has shown a complete disregard for civil liberties and the welfare of New Yorkers. The incident involving The Long Island Audit is but a single thread in the tapestry of allegations against the NYPD, which, under the helm of Mayor Adams, stands accused of crossing lines and trampling on citizens' rights. The city deserves better, and it's high time for accountability and change.

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