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The Republican Party is in shambles and it's all Trump's fault

By MichaelMH Published Nov. 16, 2022

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It's no secret that the Republican Party is currently in a state of disarray. After their embarrassing performance in the midterm elections, infighting among party leaders has been on full display. And who is to blame for all this chaos? None other than former President Donald Trump.

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Since Election Day, Republican leaders have been trying to present a unified front. But this week, it was clear that they are still very much divided. This internal conflict was on full display at the US Capitol, even as Trump attempted to steal the spotlight back from Biden.

Trump is the clear instigator of this civil war within the Republican Party. His actions since losing the election have done nothing but sow discord and division. First, he refused to concede defeat and made baseless claims that the election was rigged against him. Then he incited a deadly insurrection at the US Capitol in an attempt to overturn the results of the election. And most recently, he has been publicly pressuring GOP leaders and in some cases resorting to extortion to oppose Biden's agenda.

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All of these actions have made one thing abundantly clear: Trump does not care about the future of the Republican Party. He is only concerned with furthering his own political agenda, regardless of the damage it does to the party. As a result, it's no surprise that infighting among party leaders has reached an all-time high.

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It's still too early to say definitively what this internal conflict will mean for the future of the Republican Party. However, it's safe to say that Trump has done irreparable damage to the party. His actions have divided them in a way that may never be fully healed. And as long as he continues to exert his influence over GOP leaders, it's unlikely that they will be able to move forward in a unified way.

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