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Inside the Tenn GOP's Internal Battle: Leaked Audio Sparks Controversy

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Inside the Tenn GOP's Internal Battle: Leaked Audio Sparks Controversy.JPG

By Michael MH | | April 13, 2023

A leaked audio recording recently obtained by The Tennessee Holler has

exposed intense

infighting among Tennessee Republicans regarding the ousting of Black Democratic State Reps Justin Jones and Justin Pearson. The Tennessee GOP now finds itself embroiled in controversy, with the released audio highlighting the party's internal conflict and raising questions about its future. While it is too early to predict the fallout of the conflict, it is evident that the Tennessee Republican Party must address this issue to maintain its political influence in the state[1][2][3].

In the audio, Tennessee State Rep Jason Zachary expresses frustration towards Democrats who accuse him of racism and criticizes fellow State Rep Jody Barrett for seemingly changing his position on the expulsion of Democratic State Rep Gloria Johnson, the only white Democrat who faced removal. An anonymous source leaked the audio to various media outlets, capturing heated debates among Tennessee GOP members.[1][2][3] These disagreements revolve around the recent removal of Black Democrats from their posts and shed light on discord over party policies, racial tension, and internal power struggles, raising concerns about the party's unity and stability.

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Infighting Within the Tennessee GOP

Racial Tensions

The audio reveals racial tensions within the Tennessee GOP, with some party members arguing that removing Black Democrats is racially motivated, while others maintain that it's an attempt to consolidate party control. One unidentified member stated, "It's not about race, it's about ensuring we remain in power[1]."

Party Division

Furthermore, the recording underscores divisions among Tennessee GOP members, with some individuals expressing support for the ousted Black Democrats and others vehemently opposing their reinstatement. This rift could potentially lead to a more fragmented party[3].

Power Struggles

The leaked audio also unveils persistent power struggles within the Tennessee GOP. Various factions aim to exert influence over the party's direction and policy decisions, contributing to the ongoing internal conflict.

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Impact on the Ousted Black Democrats

The ousted Black Democrats find themselves in a precarious position, with their political careers and reputations at stake. The audio raises questions about the legitimacy of their removal and whether racial bias or legitimate performance concerns motivated the decision. One of the purged statesmen declared, "I have forever been devoted to the aid of the citizens I represent. However, this current state of affairs has left me with an overwhelming sense of sorrow and disenchantment." This statement signifies the affected lawmaker's profound apprehension regarding the ongoing situation's influence on their capacity to effectively serve their constituency[1][2][3].

The Future of Tennessee GOP: Challenges and Opportunities

In light of the leaked audio, the Tennessee GOP faces significant challenges, including addressing internal divisions, racial tensions, and power struggles. However, this crisis also presents an opportunity for the party to reevaluate its policies and promote a more unified organization. A party insider remarked, "This could be the catalyst we need to make necessary changes within our ranks."


The disclosure of a recording that brought to light conflict among members of the Tennessee GOP regarding the expulsion of Black Democrats has revealed fundamental issues within the party, including ethnic tensions and internal splits. The Tennessee GOP faces some uncertainties regarding its future. However, it is evident that the party needs to address certain obstacles to retain its political influence in the state.

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