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Ron DeSantis: Ted Cruz 2.0?

Ted (Cancún) Cruz, MTG and Ron (puddin Paws) DeSantis

By Gotcha Media | | July,09 2023

In the political realm, the question is Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz 2.0? This isn’t a baseless query. DeSantis, echoing Cruz, has been shaking up the far-right wing, carving a niche for himself as a die-hard MAGA soldier. Despite his unmatched fundraising victories, DeSantis hasn’t quite hit the mark with the broader electorate. His policies, from the divisive ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law to the prohibition of trans healthcare and abortion after six weeks, have given him a platform on Fox but haven’t endeared him to the wider public.

The Ghost of Cruz’s Failed Campaign: A Lesson for Ron DeSantis (Ted Cruz 2.0)?

The parallels between DeSantis and Ted Cruz are too glaring to ignore. Cruz’s 2016 presidential bid, which ended in a spectacle of defeat, was characterized by his unyielding conservative views. This stance not only created a chasm between him and his party allies but also made him a target of mockery due to his theatrical behavior. His dramatic recital of Dr. Seuss during a marathon filibuster and his denial of climate change are still imprinted in the public consciousness.

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DeSantis seems to be treading a familiar path, challenging the limits of right-wing ideologies. However, history serves as a reminder that this strategy doesn’t always spell success. Cruz’s extreme right-wing games failed to win him the nomination, leaving him a disgrace in the public’s eye.

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The High-Stakes Game of Extreme Conservatism

DeSantis’s political blueprint, much like Cruz’s, is a high-risk game. Although his tactics might find favor with a certain demographic, they also risk alienating a broader, more diverse electorate. The question remains – will DeSantis learn from Cruz’s missteps, or is he doomed to repeat history?

The political landscape is like shifting sands. As time rolls on, we’ll see whether DeSantis’s strategy reaps rewards or if he indeed morphs into the new Ted Cruz 2.0. For now, the spotlight is firmly on the Florida Governor as he navigates the intricate web of American politics.

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