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Republican witnesses like Barr, Esper & others will SINK Donald Trump at trial

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By Justice Matters | | June 15, 2023

Glenn Kirchner discusses the growing number of Republican witnesses speaking out against former President Donald Trump's actions. Kirchner points out that many of these individuals, including Trump appointees such as Bill Barr, Mark Esper, and John Bolton, are criticizing Trump’s behavior and its impact on national security.

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Kirchner also highlights a pattern that began during the January 6th House Select Committee’s investigation, where a majority of the witnesses who testified against Trump were Republicans. He mentions that this is a notable shift from previous party loyalties.

Additionally, Kirchner talks about an unsealed federal indictment that contains an intriguing text exchange between a Trump family member and another individual, Walt Nauda. He speculates that this exchange might have significant implications for legal cases against Trump.

Kirchner emphasizes the potential impact of testimonies from former Trump allies in legal proceedings, given their close association with him during his presidency.

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