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Rep Elect George Santos and the Politics of Fraud

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On Monday, GOP Rep.-elect George Santos of New York, admitted to lying and fabricating his resume in two separate interviews. This news has left many people wondering how someone can get away with such blatant fraudulence. In the wake of such a scandalous admission, let’s look at the politics of fraud and why it is important to hold candidates accountable for their lies.

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When a political candidate lies or fabricates facts to gain support from voters, there use of deception to manipulate the public, is an incredibly dangerous and reckless act, that can have serious long-term implications for our faith in elections. In fact, we only need to look at recent history to see examples of politicians who have lied and been caught, resulting in embarrassing themselves and the voters who supported them.

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It is also important to consider the impact that these lying candidates have on future elections, by encouraging dishonesty from future candidates, to seek political advantage by making false claims as well. We need to be able to trust our elected representatives, so when someone like Rep.-elect George Santos who shows no remorse for his lies, gets into office. It sends a message that this type of blatant deceit is acceptable behavior to win by any means – which should never be tolerated by either side of the isle.

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We can combat this phenomenon by holding candidates accountable for any discrepancies in their records or public statements. It is important for voters to do their research when considering which candidate, they want to support and make sure there who they claim to be, regarding their backgrounds and experiences. If a candidate has lied or exaggerated about their record, then they should not be given our vote - no matter how much we may agree with their policies or platform, which may also be a lie. Withholding your vote sends a clear message, that dishonesty will not be tolerated in politics.

My Take

Rep.-elect George Santos admission on Monday was shocking but unfortunately not particularly surprising given the current state of politics in America today. We must insist on transparency from our elected officials if we want them to represent us honestly and effectively. Anything less than full disclosure should result in serious consequences. Such blatant and unscrupulous behavior exhibited by Rep.-elect George Santos should never be tolerated. Only then will we be able to restore faith in our democracy and ensure truthfulness from our representatives moving forward into 2023. Your vote is important, make sure you give it to someone who deserves it!

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