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Putin's Silent Offensive: The Overlooked Domestic Moves

By Gotcha Media | | July,06 2023

Beau of the Fifth Column raises concerns about recent developments in Russia, specifically focusing on the strengthening of the Russian National Guard. While the Western attention remains fixated on the impact this has on the war effort and the diversion of potential recruits from Ukraine, the speaker points out a significant aspect that is being overlooked: the transfer of special units from Russia's DEA to the National Guard. These units possess valuable skill sets such as undercover infiltration and conducting dynamic entries, which could potentially be utilized against critics of Putin. This suggests that Putin might be strategizing an offensive move, targeting individuals who are less loyal to him.

The speaker advises people in Russia who hold critical views towards Putin to be aware of this situation, while also urging the West to be prepared for such developments. Speculating that these particular units were selected for their proficiency in maintaining secrecy, the speaker aims to raise awareness about these disregarded developments and their potential implications. By shedding light on this overlooked aspect, the speaker emphasizes the importance of recognizing Putin's domestic plays and the potential consequences they may have on dissenting voices within Russia and beyond.

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