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Political Stunts and Migrant Pawns: The GOP's Cruel Strategies

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Migrants Trafficked on Busses to New Cities

By Michael Mann Gotcha Media | | June 16, 2023

In the realm of political theatre, a new strategy has emerged from Republican leaders that has sparked a wave of controversy. The strategy in question? The GOP use of migrant pawns as stunts in a larger political game, that stretches from the borders to the bustling heartlands of liberal cities. This article delves into the familiar political stunts using migrants as pawns, shedding light on the motivations and implications of these maneuvers [1] .

Governors from the Republican party, including Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida, have been leading figures in these strategies. They have been orchestrating the transportation of migrants from border states to liberal cities and politically pointed locations. One such example is the recent event in Los Angeles, where Governor Abbott sent 42 migrants with less than a day's notice. The migrants, including children and toddlers, had been on a 23-hour bus ride without food, a claim that Governor Abbott denies.

These actions are not coordinated humanitarian efforts. Instead, they serve as deliberate political maneuvers, using individuals as pawns in a bid to outmaneuver liberal rivals. This approach raises serious ethical and political concerns, highlighting the party base's seeming appetite for harsh measures against fellow human beings [1] [2] .

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The implications of these unexpected arrivals in liberal cities are serious for the migrants involved. They face family separations, jeopardized asylum claims, and abrupt uprooting. These actions starkly contrast with the approach of former Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who advocated for balanced policies that considered border security and humane treatment.

The question that arises is why this attitude has taken root in the Republican Party. Many attribute this shift to the influence of former President Donald Trump. His rhetoric and policies appealed to a base that responded positively to his inflammatory approach, this has paved the way for other Republicans to engage with the feral impulses present within their voter base [1] [2] [3].

However, these strategies might affect the bond between the party and Hispanic voters, a population segment that is instrumental for political victories in places such as Florida. Recent draconian immigration policies may erode the support Republicans have traditionally enjoyed within these communities.

In my opinion, as the GOP navigates this complex issue, the prevailing practice of using migrants as tools in a larger political gambit raises serious ethical and political concerns. This approach starkly highlights the party base's seeming appetite for harsh measures against fellow human beings. After all, let's not forget their endorsement of detaining children in conditions akin to dog cages, a policy that they surprisingly applauded.

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