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Police CAUGHT Breaking Law, Illegal Detains Veteran

It was a typical day for a Black couple, being stopped for driving while Black. In Chicago when Lee Coleman, an Iraq War veteran, found himself the target of police harassment at the hands of Detective Tyler Berecz of the Chicago police. Coleman, who suffers from PTSD, was on his way to pick up medication from a pharmacy when he was pulled over by Detective Berecz.

Berecz immediately began to violate Coleman's rights, demanding that he step out of the car and submit to a search. When Coleman refused, Berecz unlawfully detained him. The entire encounter was captured on video, which showed Berecz becoming increasingly aggressive with Coleman.

The video sparked outrage among Black rights activists, who accused the detective of racial profiling and harassment. The incident highlights the continued problem of police brutality against Black men in America.

The Chicago Police Department records indicate Detective Tyler Berecz's actions since he was assigned to their investigations division on October 27, 2014. Has received two use-of force complaints against him!

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