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Peter Brown's corruption investigation results in subpoenas.

October 23, 2019

Employees in both Linden, NJ, and Dover, NJ, on the condition of anonymity have confirmed that both cities have been served with subpoenas. These subpoenas are requesting hundreds of documents in connection to the massive ongoing corruption investigation into Peter Brown Jr.

An interesting tip from a linden city insider stated that a portion of the document requests revolves around the alleged interference by Peter Brown Jr, to have used the committee that was created to investigate Sen Nick Scutari to interfere or gain insight into his case.

This may be the reason a city employee stated that they allegedly viewed the Scutari committee members, Council President & a police officer meeting late Friday night after the city's received the request of the state. I spoke with 7th Ward Councilman Ralph Strano who stated on the record that he was "out of town on that Friday."Whether" or not there was a meeting or not it does not remove the liability of the city and Brown's fellow council members if he indeed used this committee to interfere or harass witness in his criminal investigation.

You may ask why Peter Brown Jr was ever appointed to this committee let alone its Chairman, only Council President Michele Yamakaitis knows that answer despite Peter Brown Jr threatening to take his life just weeks before when he became aware of his corruption investigation, it is alleged that she did so despite being advised by the city attorney it would be an ethical conflict for Brown. If the allegations are true & Peter Brown Jr obstructed his criminal case using this committee, was that Council President Yamakaitis' intention??

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