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Patmos Library is under attack by MAGA Republicans

By MichaelMH Published Dec. 09, 2022

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Here we go again. An elected official from Michigan, specifically the 11th Congressional District Chairman Shane Trejo, has called for the aggressive closure of a public library in Jamestown Township because the library carries books about LGBTQ topics. To be clear, no one is calling for books to be censored or removed. Instead, Trejo is trying to shut down an entire public institution over a few books that he doesn’t like.

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It’s unfortunate but not surprising that we are still seeing these kinds of tactics being employed by people in power, who want to limit our access to information and knowledge. This is nothing new, unfortunately we have seen this time and time again throughout history, with governments and religious institutions attempting to control what people can read or learn about. It’s even more disheartening when it happens in a country that claims to value freedom of speech and expression as highly as America does.

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It’s now critically important that we stand up for our right to access information and knowledge without fear of censorship or reprisal from those in power. We must protect our libraries from those who would use them as a political pawn in their own personal agenda and ensure that all members of society to have the opportunity to gain knowledge, about any subject they choose without fear of retribution or punishment. That includes LGBTQ topics which often get overlooked or demonized by certain groups who would rather keep us ignorant than accept us for who we are.

My Take:

At the end of the day, it’s important that everyone has access to all kinds of information so they can make informed decisions about their lives and their future. We cannot allow elected officials, religious institutions, or anyone else to take away our right to read whatever we choose. So, let’s stand together against censorship and protect our right to read anything we want whether it be LGBTQ-related literature or something else entirely! Let's fight for Patmos Library! ​

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