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Paris Hilton shares school abuse story, urges Congress to put a stop to it

Paris Hilton shared vulnerable photos on Thursday of herself at the age of 18 following abuse she says she experienced at a Utah boarding school.

The entrepreneur, 39, previously opened up about the emotional and psychological toll her stay at Provo Canyon School had on her in a YouTube Originals documentary This Is Paris that premiered in September. The school is now under different ownership.

In the pictures she shared on Instagram, Hilton's face has a somber expression as she poses in a hat and T-shirt with NYPD logos and black pants.

"These photos were taken when I was 18 and had recently came home from the horrible experiences I went through at #ProvoCanyonSchool. I can see the pain in my eyes," the entrepreneur wrote.

She continued, "I was so traumatized that I pretended everything was okay, trying to block out the painful memories."

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