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Oklahoma County GOP Officials Caught in Murder Plot

Updated: Apr 17

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By Alexandra Page | | April 17, 2023

On April 17, 2023, a clandestine recording surfaced, exposing a troubling conversation among officials from McCurtain County, Oklahoma. Their disconcerting topic? Hiring hitmen to target local reporters [1]. This shocking revelation sent shock waves throughout the community, leaving many deeply concerned about the state of journalism in Oklahoma County.

The McCurtain Gazette-News released the incriminating recording, capturing a conversation

between the county sheriff, several commissioners, and their sinister deliberations about hiring hitmen to eliminate local reporters. The audio was allegedly recorded following a March 6 county commissioners' meeting [4].

Furthermore, the recording reportedly includes discussions about the lynching of Black individuals. The McCurtain Gazette-News plans to release two more recordings, having already submitted the first one to the authorities [4].

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The release of the recording has left the community reeling, fueling concerns about the integrity of journalism in Oklahoma County. Many are calling for the involved officials to be held accountable for their actions [1].

The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation has initiated a probe into the matter. The state attorney general's office, expressing deep concern, anticipates a comprehensive report and reassures citizens that they are closely monitoring the unfolding developments [1].

The startling recording has raised concerns about the future of journalism in Oklahoma County. The Oklahoma Press Association has issued a statement calling for increased protection for journalists and urging authorities to take action against the involved officials [1]. This event emphasizes the importance of strengthening journalist protection and the need for authorities to act decisively against the implicated parties.


The distressing recording, which captures Oklahoma County officials discussing the idea of hiring hitmen to target local reporters, has left the community deeply troubled and raised serious questions about the state of journalism in the area. The incident underscores the need for enhanced protection for journalists and for the authorities to take decisive action against those involved. The long-term consequences of this incident on journalism in Oklahoma County will become clearer as time goes on.

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