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North Carolina sheriff under investigation after racist rants exposed


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COLUMBUS COUNTY, N.C. – In a phone call recorded by a subordinate, Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene can be heard lashing out against multiple Black officials, referring to them as "Black bastards." The sheriff is now under investigation after the racist rant was exposed.

"I'm sick of these Black bastards," Greene said in the recording. "All they do is try to hurt people. They're not worth anything."

The sheriff's outburst came in response to a county commissioner who had criticized him for mishandling the search for a missing woman. In the recording, Greene can be heard accusing the commissioner of being responsible for the woman's death.

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Greene has since apologized for his comments, but that hasn't stopped calls for his resignation. The North Carolina Department of Justice is currently investigating the matter. Which may result in criminal charges or leave Greene ineligible to serve as sheriff, who has a long history of racist rants, and credible connections to the domestic terrorist group the Proud Boys.

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Columbus County Captain Jason Soles got tired of hearing his racist tirades and began recording their phone calls.

"Soles told WECT that he was shocked by the sheriff's comments and felt he had to start documenting his Racist and White Nationalist rants during phone calls".

"'This one particular phone call that I received, he made the comment that he hated Democrats," explained Soles, who is now running for Columbus County Sheriff against Greene. "And then he said, ‘I take that back. I hate a black f***ing Democrat.’ and I knew right then, I was like, ‘Wow, this is coming from the sheriff.’ I knew I had to start recording those conversations."

Sheriffs around the country have often come under fire for alleged racist conduct. In April, Sheriff Rick Hickman of Prairie County, Arkansas was caught apparently dismissing the details of a triple shooting because of the victims' race and defended himself by saying he can't be a racist because he only uses the N-word "occasionally."

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