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Unsettling Display of Nazi Flags and DeSantis Signs at Disney: A Sign of the New America?

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  In a stark and chilling scene that has left many stunned, Nazi flags were observed fluttering alongside signs supporting Governor Ron DeSantis,

By Gotcha Media | | June 12, 2023

The Stark Scene at Disney: Nazi Flags & DeSantis Signs

In a chilling scene that left many aghast, Nazi flags were seen fluttering alongside signs supporting Governor Ron DeSantis at the entrance of Disney World in Orlando, often considered the happiest place on Earth. This blatant display of hate symbols at such a beloved location was a stark reminder of the growing divide within the country.

The sight would have undoubtedly appalled Disney's co-founder, Roy O. Disney, as his

granddaughter, Abigail Disney, grimly noted on Twitter. "My grandfather is spinning in his grave," she declared, sharing footage of the rally that occurred on Saturday.

The Unsettling Circumstances

Despite the repugnant circumstances surrounding the incident, which spanned a few hours and included approximately 15 participants as reported by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, there were no instances of anyone being taken into custody. This lack of action has raised questions about the enforcement of law and order in such situations [1][2].

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The Rising Presence of Hate Groups in Florida

Anna V. Eskamani, a member of the Florida House, shared the footage of the incident and revealed to The Daily Beast that the presence of Nazis and white supremacists has become an all-too-frequent sight in Florida. "This is maybe the tenth time this year alone," she shared. Eskamani expressed her deep disgust and alarm at the escalating presence of such groups, particularly when they openly endorse political figures like Governor DeSantis. "It's absolutely disgusting to see what has become the common presence of Nazis in Florida, and even more disturbing when they are holding signs and flags that signal support for Governor DeSantis," she commented [3].

The Indifference of Governor DeSantis

What's noteworthy here is the seeming indifference of the governor, a man who has often expressed strong views on family values and the appropriateness of certain words in books. Yet, his law enforcement agency seemed to turn a blind eye to a sign that says "Butt **ucker" being brandished at the entrance of a place frequented by children. It’s as if this isn't a headline-worthy issue for Governor DeSantis to act against, possibly because it involves his base, the Neo-Nazis holding the signs [4].

The Growing Divide and the Direction of America

This unsettling incident serves as a stark reminder of the growing divide within the country. It prompts us to question the direction in which America is heading. The spectacle of Nazi flags at a place associated with joy and cherished childhood memories is a jarring image that will remain etched in the minds of many. As we move forward, it's crucial to address these issues and work towards a more inclusive and accepting society.

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