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Navarro was Handcuffed and Shackled at Airport

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Speaking to the press in the wake of the Department of Justice charging him with contempt of Congress, former Trump advisor Peter Navarro warned Trump voters that "they're not coming for me and Trump, they're coming for you."

Navarro went to lament what he sees as the "undue punishment of citizens of this country" and the "disregard" for the Constitution. He was also apparently upset at the disregard for his public appearances.

"I was on my way to Nashville today to do a TV appearance with Mike Huckabee's show," Navarro said. "And instead of coming to my door where I live ... instead of calling me and saying, 'Hey, we need you down at court, we've got a warrant for you' -- I would have gladly come -- what did they do? They intercepted me getting in the plane."

Navarro was charged with refusing to appear for a deposition and for refusing to supply documents to the House Select Committee investigating the attack by hundreds of Trump supporters seeking to block congressional certification of Joe Biden as the 2020 presidential election winner.

The committee, which is examining whether Trump, top aides and other senior Republicans instigated or directed the attack, believes Navarro could have information pertinent to the probe, the Justice Department said.

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