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Michigan's Election Integrity: Upholding Democracy

Updated: Jul 23

Michigan’s AG Nessel: A Beacon of Michigan's Election Integrity

By Gotcha Media | | July,19 2023

Democracy. It’s the fundamental cornerstone of our nation, the doctrine that forms the basis of our entire system. A word that signifies equality, transparency, and truth. And today, we’re examining a critical facet of this grand experiment of democracy, Michigan’s election integrity.

The Role of the Attorney General in Safeguarding Democracy

As Michigan’s leading legal guardian, the Attorney General carries an immense responsibility to keep the unscrupulous at bay, particularly when infringements encroach on our election process. Michigan’s election integrity is more than a mere concept—it’s an unbreakable pact with the citizens, a promise that their voice, their vote, truly matters in the local and national landscape.

The Political Landscape and the Rise of “Trumpists”

But lately, the political landscape has been marred with confusion, chaos, and a disconcerting

trend among a faction of political extremists, dubbed “Trumpists.” These individuals, despite being governed by leaders who are now holding them accountable, continue to push a narrative that diverges from the truth about Michigan’s elected representatives and the security of the voting process.

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Looking Back: The Era of Political Insurgents

Our journey from 2015 to 2021, a crucial time in the election cycle, saw an emboldening of individuals who operated with blatant disregard for the law, truth, and democracy. A motley crew of political insurgents seemed to be on a quest to dismantle the very foundation of Michigan’s election integrity. These individuals go by titles such as the “Freedom Caucus,” “Stop the Steal,” and “Tea Party Republicans,” all claiming to support lawful elections, but acting as enemy agents of democracy behind the scenes to cast off the people’s votes in favor of their own.

The Irony of the Situation

The irony? They represented the very state that stood defiant, a state that comfortably elected Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the 2022 elections, asserting its will. It was an attempt to distort the popular vote, reminiscent of autocratic maneuvers observed in nations such as Turkey, Russia, or the erstwhile regime in Iran. Interestingly, these are countries they publicly claim to be enemies of democracy

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Michigan’s AG Nessel: A Beacon of Michigan's Election Integrity

In the eye of this storm was Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel, who announced felony charges against false electors. These individuals were accused of signing multiple forged certificates, falsely claiming to be Michigan’s duly elected electors. This was a bold attempt to undermine Michigan’s election integrity. However, Nessel drew a clear line in the sand by bringing charges against them for forgery and manipulation of a lawful election.

The Consequences of Undermining Democracy

These defendants, entirely made up of key figures in the state Republican National Committee, now face multiple felony charges, with the potential for substantial jail sentences. A stern reminder that gravity always returns, and actions bear consequences.

Restoring Faith in Our Democratic Processes

As we continue unraveling this tangled narrative, Attorney General Nessel’s words echo in the corridors of history. Democracy needs its defenders. Despite the delusional claims of a stolen election by those who would see democracy fail, which gripped the nation with uncertainty, the resolve to safeguard Michigan’s election integrity remains unwavering.

The Bottom Line: Every Vote Counts

The bottom line is simple: irrespective of the magnitude of the vote difference – in this case, around 155,000 votes in favor of Biden over Trump, making Biden the clear victor. The scheming, forgery, and election crimes to try to change that should not go unpunished. After all, every single vote is a pledge of faith in our democratic process, a constitutional contract of faith in Michigan’s election integrity.

Conclusion: Michigan’s Election Integrity as a Testament to Democracy

Indeed, Michigan’s election integrity stands not as a concept but as a robust, living testament to our democracy. A testament that, regardless of the obstacles, will remain resolute and strong. As we head towards the primary elections and then onto the 2024 presidential election, we must continue to recognize the importance of each vote and the role it plays in shaping our nation. And those that attempt to diminish or stop someone’s vote, are a bigger danger to this country than any other nation or terrorist have or could be.

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