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Marjorie Taylor Greene's intolerant on single women

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said this week that she opposes welfare because women "need to be married."

At a campaign event in Rome, Georgia, a constituent asked Greene to do something about people who "abused" the welfare system.

Greene responded by blaming unemployment compensation provided by Covid-19 relief bills.

"And they're moving further into those programs of socialism," she said of Democrats. "They want to pay for child care. They want to have a living wage. And these are things that are never going to solve problems actually. No one will have any reason to go to work."

"I am opposed to all of that," the lawmaker continued. "Yes, welfare does have a purpose and a place and there are times the people have really hard times in life and defintely need it. But we need to have a program in place where they get moved off generational welfare."

Greene added: "Why does a woman need to be married if she can be married to the government and keep getting a government check?"

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