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MAGA'S WAR on America and How We FIGHT BACK

By MichaelMH Published Jan 17, 2023

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A recent study found that nearly 68% of Americans believe that Trump supporters are more likely to engage in violence than his opponents. This is not surprising, considering the MAGA Cult's war on America.

Professor Anthea Butler

As a professor of religious studies, Professor Anthea Butler has gained recognition as an authority on the African American religious experience in the United States. Her words are worth paying attention to; she doesn’t hold back when challenging her opponents or exposed to injustice, and is willing to speak out against oppression and wrong-doing. In a world where academic debate often devolves into mudslinging, it’s refreshing that Professor Butler uses her influence to educate and agitate towards positive reform – rather than simply criticize for criticism’s sake.

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Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Professor Anthea Butler, an expert on Christian nationalism, to discuss her book "White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America." Our conversation was eye-opening, as Professor Butler explained how Christianity is being used as a tool for power and control. She pointed to the rise of Christian nationalism in places like Hungary, where traditional Christian values are being promoted at the expense of individual rights and freedoms. She warned that this same type of Christian nationalism is on the rise in the United States and already in positions of power, and may have already compromised the separation of church and state in the Supreme Court and other government institutions.

We discussed the MAGA Cult, which Professor Butler explained is a dangerous mix of authoritarianism and Christian nationalism; one that has been weaponized to manipulate followers for political gain. She warned of the power of this cult and its influence on public opinion, citing examples like how some members have used it to bully and threaten others from exercising their right to vote.

In light of this, Professor Butler proposed several steps for how we can fight back against the MAGA Cult. Most importantly, she suggested that citizens become involved in civic action and organized protest to challenge the power of the MAGA Cult and hold it accountable for its actions. Additionally, she argued for increased education about Christian nationalism and its dangers, to help equip citizens with the knowledge required to make informed decisions about their political leanings.

Ultimately, Professor Butler believes that we can defeat the MAGA Cult by becoming involved in our communities and actively challenging its power. By doing so, we can reclaim our voices and create a more tolerant, equitable society for all Americans.

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In conclusion, it’s clear that the MAGA Cult is a real threat to America and must be actively resisted. Professor Butler’s work is an important step in that effort, as well as a call-to-action for citizens to become involved in their communities and take a stand against this dangerous ideology. By following her example and joining forces with organizations like UFACN, we can fight back against Christian nationalism and promote a more equitable society for all.

For more information on Christian nationalism and the MAGA Cult, Professor Butler recommends reading her book "White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America." Additionally, she suggests visiting the website for her organization "The United Front Against Christian Nationalism" (UFACN) which is dedicated to fighting against Christian nationalism and promoting positive change through education and action.

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