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MAGA Mom Abandons Children to be at 'Stop the Steal' rally


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An accused U.S. Capitol rioter allegedly left her children at home to take part in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

As flagged by CBS News' Scott MacFarlane, federal prosecutors allege that accused MAGA rioter Rachel Powell shared custody of six minor children with her ex-husband but left them unattended while she traveled from her home in Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania, to take part in efforts to overturn Donald Trump's election loss, which she believed might trigger a civil war.

"I agree with the possibility of civil war happening,

" Powell posted on social media in October 2020, according to prosecutors. "I can see that too. Unfortunately, the only way this is probably capable of being fixed is bloodshed because I’m not so sure our government can be fixed the political way anymore."

Powell also posted on social media in 2020 about "surveillance of a public official’s home & questioned how to confirm, without entering a courthouse to seek records, that she had the official’s correct address," according to a new court filing.

She has asked a federal judge to loosen conditions of her pretrial release after pleading guilty to charges related to the riot.

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