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MAGA Freaks Boss says he was Consumed By MAGA FAKE NEWS

The suspect who attacked Paul Pelosi was consumed by conspiracy theories, his current boss told The New York Times.

Frank Ciccarelli, a carpenter in Berkeley, California, told the Times he worked with the suspect, David DePape, for about six years. Ciccarelli said DePape began to spend more time online over the last few years, engulfed in right-wing conspiracy theories, as per the news outlet.

"If you got him talking about politics, it was all over," Ciccarelli said. "Because he really believed in the whole MAGA, 'Pizzagate,' stolen election — you know, all of it, all the way down the line. If you go to Fox News, if you go on the internet and you look at QAnon, you know, he had all these theories."

Adam Lipson, a public defender assigned to represent DePape declined Insider's request for comment.


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