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Linden, NJ Airport still unsafe. City ATTACKS WHISTLE-BLOWER

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

November 20, 2019

The ongoing issue into the Linden, NJ Airport continues. As reported earlier the Airport had in the past & continues to have critical safety & operational issues. As you will hear in the video the city & its attorney have allegedly attempted to smear or undermine individual’s that have reported serious safety issues to the FAA.

It is reported but not officially confirmed that this entire issue revolves around the city of Linden’s attempt to re-designate the airport to helicopter traffic only. To then sell off parts for some type of mixed-use redevelopment.

Further and more troubling is a City official is accused of stating "once we evict him (Thomas Madden) there won’t be anyone informing to the FAA anymore." I believe only an investigation by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office can fairly & correctly determine if the city in its actions has committed or conspired to commit a crime.

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