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Lindell's 'My Cousin Vinny' to Debunk Defamation Case


By Gotcha Media | | July,11 2023

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, is drawing parallels between his current legal predicament and the movie 'My Cousin Vinny.' Facing a massive $1 billion lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, Lindell's accusations of widespread conspiracy during the 2020 election have brought him under scrutiny. Interestingly, amidst all this, Lindell likens his defense strategy to unexpected plot twists in 'My Cousin Vinny.

Financial Struggles

Lindell's company isn't doing well either. On Tuesday, he announced that the company was grappling with dwindling purchases. As a result, they're auctioning off equipment, the Star Tribune reported on Monday.

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An Unusual Plea

Merely a month ago, Lindell made an unusual plea. He asked supporters to buy stock in his business, Lindell TV. He hoped to recover the millions he poured into an attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

Costly Settlements

In addition to this, Lindell had to cough up a $5 million settlement. It was to another software company, following an arbitration linked to the debunked 2020 election conspiracies.

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A Strange Comparison, "Cousin Vinny"

His latest concept is uncannily reminiscent of the movie 'My Cousin Vinny,' as stated in Tuesday's report from the Daily Beast. This quirky courtroom comedy centers around an underdog lawyer who, despite numerous blunders, ultimately exposes the truth. Lindell, drawing parallels to the film, seems to suggest that he, like Vinny, will shock everyone with an unexpected victory despite the odds stacked against him. Whether this 'My Cousin Vinny' style turnabout will manifest in Lindell's case remains to be seen.

A Bold Promise

For the last two years, Lindell has been promising "new evidence." He mentioned “32 terabytes from Dennis Montgomery,” which he claims was given to the Dominion and Smartmatic lawyers.

The Reality

Yet, the reality is the lawsuit is a civil case between Lindell and the corporations. The government isn't involved.

A Central Figure

Montgomery is a central figure in the election-denying theory. He believes that supercomputers, known as Hammer and Scorecard, are flipping votes. Lindell bought data from Montgomery and planned to unveil it at his symposium in 2021. However, the evidence he showed was dismissed as junk by cyber experts.

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