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LA Sheriff Attacks Reporter after his cover-up is exposed.

A Los Angeles Times reporter is being investigated by the county's sheriff's department after revealing an attempted coverup of misconduct by officers.

The shocking announcement came on Tuesday during a presser held by Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who displayed a blownup photo of reporter Alene Techekmedyian, who he alleged is connected to an information leak. Villanueva reportedly refused to take questions from Techekmedyian during the presser.

NPR correspondent Frank Stolze, who covers criminal justice in Los Angeles, called the move "an extraordinary escalation in the sheriff's attack not only on the paper but also on the First Amendment."

Los Angeles Times Executive Editor Kevin Merida similarly condemned the sheriff's presser as "outrageous," noting that the "attempt to criminalize news reporting goes against well-established constitutional law."

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