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Jim Jordan Demands DOJ Reveal FBI Files in Jack Smith's Probe on Trump

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Jim Jordon reading document before speech.

By Gotcha Media | | June 2, 2023

Recently, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) took steps to shed light on the special counsel investigation for Donald Trump, sending a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland. In this letter, Jim Jordan demands that the DOJ and FBI reveal details about Jack Smith's extensive investigations into Trump, specifically instances of Trump's improper handling of confidential documents at his Mar-a-Lago property, as reported by The Federalist.

Jordan's letter specifically asked, "Explain whether any FBI employees who have worked on Special Counsel Smith’s investigation previously worked on any other matters concerning President Trump." He further requested clarification on whether Special Counsel Smith’s investigation relies on any information or material gathered exclusively by the FBI prior to the Special Counsel’s appointment.

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The Ohio Republican cited congressional oversight authority to request a briefing by Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco. This briefing would cover any changes made by the FBI to correct any failings cited by Trump-era special counsel John Durham. Durham recently submitted his final report following a years-long investigation.

Jordan expressed concerns about the public's trust in the FBI, stating, 'Public trust in the FBI is low.' This statement raises eyebrows, considering the Ohio congressman's refusal to cooperate in the January 6 hearings and investigations[2].

Recent instances of perceived political bias in the operations of the FBI and the Department of Justice suggest that the 'corrective actions' implemented by the FBI after the Crossfire Hurricane incident have had limited success in addressing, let alone resolving, the deep-rooted issues that afflict the institution.

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He further stated his beliefs in the need for legislative reforms to the FBI, stating, "It is clear that Congress must consider legislative reforms to the FBI, and the Committee has been engaged in robust oversight to inform those legislative proposals. Meanwhile, given the recorded instances of political bias within the FBI, it's crucial for the Justice Department to safeguard any ongoing investigations from being tainted by similar partisan influences.

Interestingly, while Jordan is demanding compliance from others, he himself did not comply with requests to appear before the January 6 committee. As reported in The New Republic[2], Jordan firmly declined the request from the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the Capitol to cooperate with their investigation. This refusal is viewed as a significant indication of the declining bipartisan respect for Congress's power to conduct investigations and oversight functions[3].

Now, as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jordan is demanding compliance for his investigations, even threatening to jail those who do not comply. This double standard that Jordan and other GOP allies, are employing raises questions about his consistency and has the potential to cloud his future leadership.

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