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Jinger Duggar breaking free from "unhealthy" "Version" Christianity

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By MichaelMH March 12 2023

Jinger Duggar's new book reveals her experience growing up in an "unhealthy version" of Christianity. Learn how she broke free.

Jinger Duggar, one of the daughters of the famous Duggar family, has recently released a new book in which she opens up about her experience growing up in a highly restrictive home under the teachings of a particular brand of Christianity. In this article, we will delve into the details of Jinger Duggar's experience and what she reveals in her book.

Who is Jinger Duggar?

Before delving into her experience, it is important to know who Jinger Duggar is. Jinger is the sixth child and fourth daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who rose to fame with their popular Christian reality show "19 Kids and Counting." Jinger, now 29 years old, grew up in a highly conservative and religious household in which her family adhered to a particular brand of Christianity known as Quiverfull [1].

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Jinger's Experience

In her book, Jinger reveals that she lived in fear for most of her childhood. She describes how her family's world was rocked when her brother Josh was accused of molesting his sisters and later sent to jail for possession of child pornography [1]. Jinger's experience growing up was marked by the teachings of an "unhealthy version" of Christianity, which emphasized a strict and legalistic interpretation of the Bible that was enforced through harsh discipline and control over every aspect of her life [3].

The version she refers to is Quiverfull is a conservative Christian movement that emphasizes having as many children as possible as a way of furthering God's kingdom on earth.

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Jinger reveals how she was not allowed to wear pants or shorts and could only wear dresses or skirts that were below her knees. Her parents also monitored the music, books, and TV shows she was allowed to consume and restricted her access to the internet. Jinger describes how she was not allowed to have close relationships with anyone outside of her family and how any form of physical contact, including holding hands or hugging, was frowned upon [4].

Escaping from the Unhealthy Version of Christianity

Despite the strict control over every aspect of her life, Jinger managed to break free from the unhealthy version of Christianity she was raised under. She moved to Laredo, Texas, with her husband Jeremy Vuolo, who helped her see things from a different perspective. Jeremy encouraged her to think for herself and make her own decisions, which helped her to develop her own beliefs and values.

Jinger also found solace in reading books that challenged her preconceived notions and opened up new perspectives. She has since become an advocate for women's rights and has been outspoken about her own experiences and how they have shaped her as a person [2].

In A Nut Shell

Jinger Duggar's experience growing up in a highly restrictive home under the teachings of an "unhealthy version" of Christianity sheds light on the harmful effects of strict religious fundamentalism. Her story is an important reminder of the importance of critical thinking and the dangers of blindly accepting dogma without questioning it.

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