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January 6th Committee SEASON ONE!. Missing AG Garland


Will Merrick Garland get around to charging the January 6th plotters, including those who are elected officials, not to mention the chief plotter himself Donald J Trump.

I am not sure, Garland will. But I will say the public grows weary of a two-rule system, that the rich and the elected commit crimes with immunity. And the poor and those that pay the bills for this country, are arrested, ticketed, and denied the ability to protest without fear of arrest.

The Injustice department seems not to care, too much about the public’s rights being violated, or not being treated fairly. So, no. I do not believe Merrick Garland will ever get around to prosecuting elected officials, or the chief plotter.

Because in the United States of America, elected officials are royalty, that makes them above the law. We are simply just the peasants, who pay the bills. While being fooled and misled from an early age, that all people are created equal and treated fairly.

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