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Is TikTok blocking political content to favor Alt-Right Agenda

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Has anyone else noticed that TikTok has increasingly flagged content and postings which would call out the dangers of allowing alt-right or white nationalists to come to power? They seem to be taking the same approach as so many schools in GOP-controlled states, which is removing books that might remind us of the past. They prefer to see them forgotten or whitewashed.

Is TikTok engaging in an electronic form of book burning? I am not sure, but what is the difference between deleting posts or burning a book simply because it reminds us of a troubled past that we should never see repeated? I believe, like many of you, that we must sometimes remind people of this ugly history. I did a search of the platform and found thousands of postings promoting white nationalism, including the rallies this weekend across the country, like the one in Orlando, Florida.

I have included a video that appears on hundreds of accounts on TikTok.

My Video Post On TikTok

If we fail to learn from this ugly history, we are surely doomed to repeat it. I could be banned from the platform for daring to post this article. and calling them out on this discriminatory behavior, or at the very least, perceived bias towards certain groups. Whether we survive this challenging time in our history will depend on what we have learned from the past. And the burning of posts will surely have the same effect as book burning did in the 1930s.

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