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Is Ron DeSantis better then Trump, maybe not!!

Is Ron DeSantis better then Trump, maybe not.jpg
Is Ron DeSantis better then Trump, maybe not!!

The GOP has never been closer to moving on from Donald Trump. His mixed record of endorsements in the midterms has left him bloodied and bruised, even among loyal Republicans. With some speculation that Florida Gov Ron DeSantis could eventually replace him as party standard-bearer!

The rise of DeSantis has sparked debate among people who see his success as a cause for celebration—and those that view it as tantamount to jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

It is a reminder, that long before Trump arrived on the scene; deep fissures existed within the Republican party regarding policy style and temperament, -a point made clearer after recent events have transpired.

The Case for Blue-State Secession

Governor DeSantis has an extensive list of far-right policies that he plans to implement if elected president. These include the "Don't Say Gay" bill, which prevents teachers from teaching students anything but traditional marriage equality. Other Bills require all schools to teach alternative facts about the holocaust, and slavery, in place of historical truth, due to them being too uncomfortable with the topic matter rather than substance.

A recent example of one of these Alt-Right Bills is the arrest of 13-year-old Lilly Rain Johnson at a Roe v Wade protest in Lakeland, Florida. She was arrested under an anti-protest bill, that doesn’t allow you to make too much noise when protesting. The purpose being is to quiet your voice, so you can’t be heard. Essentially making it impossible for crowds to assemble peaceably and address their grievance without police interference or arrest.

Ron Desantis, becoming president Could very well result in renewed calls for the Blue States to discuss Succeeding. In recent years it has become something that many Democrats are warming up to, even though they say otherwise publicly (or at least try not to).

Polls show trends supporting, separating into separate Republics, rather than allowing any of Republicans’ Alt-right bills to ever take effect.

2022-2024 is a make-or-break year's for the United States of America. It will come down to HUMAN RIGHTS and the rejection of Christian Nationalism (fascism).

To Quote, James McHenry, we have “a republic,” but only “if you can keep it.” This quotation is from a journal kept by James McHenry from (1753-1816)

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