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Indiana abortion doctor facing death threats for saving 10 year old girls life

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Justice Amy Coney Barrett

When the doctor who performed an abortion on a 10-year-old rape victim in Indiana was threatened with death last year, it was not her first time being targeted for standing up against threats from anti-abortion radicals. Her name is now listed on one of their most dangerous extremist websites linked to Justice Amy Coney Barrett of the United States Supreme Court.

Dr. Caitlin Bernard testified last year that she was forced to stop providing first-trimester abortions at a clinic in South Bend. After she was alerted by Planned Parenthood, who had been tipped off by the FBI, that there was a kidnapping threat against her daughter and family.

Bernard stated, "they had information that people were discussing kidnapping me and my family and driving us out to a remote location to kill us."

Kendra Barkoff Lamy, the spokesperson for Bernard, said: “Reports regarding threats against Dr Bernard’s family in 2020 are sadly true.

When the young woman arrived at Bernard's clinic, she had traveled from Ohio where their state had outlawed any abortion after six weeks including to save a mother’s life. Initially treated with skepticism by conservative media outlets and Republican politicians, such as Jim Jordan who said it was "fake.” Once the story was verified, it sparked worldwide attention and outrage, now Ohio's law is now being condemned as a human rights violation by most of the international community.

Bernard has faced dangerous opponents in both religious and political groups who would do anything to see her stopped.

She is a real hero for Girls and Women.

She knows the risks, but she does not care because it is important to ensure, that no girl or woman has her rights taken away from them ever again, regardless of what other people’s personal beliefs are.

The Republican Indiana attorney general, Todd Rokita (an outspoken Religious Extremist), announced he would investigate Dr. Bernard’s actions but was unable to suggest any laws violated or any specific wrongdoing.

Are we entering a time of a Republican-sponsored "Christian Crusade”? will they demand people executed, by hanging or burned alive, for refusing to follow Christianity's laws? Just like the crusades of the past, when so many died in the name of the church.

These things Once thought impossible now seems inevitable, depending on the state you live in. If I were a woman or a girl, I would fear for my life and constitutional rights, which now many republicans, say do not appear in the constitution. And have openly stated that the founding fathers never intended women to have any, except what their fathers, brothers, or husbands granted them.

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