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Gov. DeSantis Continues Culture War In Florida

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It is clear where Ron DeSantis' priorities are, with all the challenges Florida faces and the bills passed in the legislative session. He prioritized the opportunity to demonize LGBTQ + Floridians. His shameful bigotry was designed for party gain and authoritarian rule. At the cost of LGBTQ + students, teachers, and families. But we must understand, as a closeted White Nationalist, he cannot help himself to not follow his nature. And I would dare to say his upbringing.

No, for him, it is not just a political game, even when it comes to lives, it will cost. It is just how White Nationalists are, they don’t value life as we do. Remember not that long ago he declared Florida a Christian state, despite The Constitution's Establishment Clause Separating “Church from State.” His party can only see the Constitution when it suits their White Nationalist agenda. He cannot even tell the difference between Neo-Nazis and Antifa unless he can have a press conference. (See below)

No Ron, the White House is not in your future. The simple fact is you and your party's march to White Nationalism has been rejected by the majority. The public can sometimes be distracted, but nobody is that blind.

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