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Giuliani Admits lying about Georgia Election

Updated: Jul 28

Giuliani Admits lying about Georgia Election

By Gotcha Media | | July, 27 2023

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and ex-President Trump's personal lawyer, recently admitted to lying about Georgia election workers, Ruby Freeman and Moss, in the 2020 election. This admission, which emerged from a court document filed in a 2021 defamation case, has significant legal implications and has caused harm to the parties involved.

In his role as Trump's attorney, Giuliani disseminated a heavily edited video, alleging that it

showed Freeman and Moss altering vote counts without authorization. These unfounded claims, which included bizarre assertions like a mother handing her daughter a ginger mint being a secretive act, were part of Giuliani's attempt to establish proof of election tampering.

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However, in a two-page statement, Giuliani conceded that these accusations were untrue. He acknowledged that the lawsuit against him arose due to his baseless statements about Freeman and Moss. Despite admitting to the falsehood of his claims, Giuliani maintains that his remarks were protected by the First Amendment.

The legal ramifications of Giuliani's admission are intriguing. Some observers believe that by confessing his error, he seeks to shift the case's emphasis from the factual inaccuracies to the legal implications, thereby diverting attention from his illegitimate allegations.

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The emotional toll of these allegations on Freeman and Moss was intense. They experienced fear and distress due to Giuliani's baseless claims. Freeman, a small business owner and mother, was merely aiding Fulton County in conducting an election amidst a pandemic. The false accusations thrust these dedicated poll workers into an unwanted limelight, causing havoc in their lives.

This saga serves as a stern reminder of the crucial need for honesty in our political discourse. The ramifications of Giuliani's allegations continue to resonate, altering perceptions about participating in future elections and causing untold harm to those falsely accused. Giuliani's retraction may potentially benefit his legal case, but the inflicted damage is irrevocable. This case underscores the importance of fact-checking, taking responsibility, and understanding the consequences of reckless political commentary.

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