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Conservative Lawyer George Conway Weighs in on Trump's Legal Troubles

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George Conway analyzes Trump's legal woes, including Pence's testimony, GA election case, and Jean Carroll's allegations.jpg

By Michael MH | | May 2, 2023

Former Vice President Mike Pence spent over five hours testifying before a federal grand jury

regarding the 2020 US election aftermath, making him the highest-ranking government official involved in special counsel Jack Smith's investigation. In a panel discussion on CNN, conservative lawyer George Conway called Pence's testimony historically remarkable, marking the first time a former VP has testified [3] before a federal grand jury in a criminal investigation against the president he served under.

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Conway expressed his belief that Pence wasn't just refusing to answer questions during his five-hour testimony. He felt it was clear Pence had information to share and hoped he was cooperative. Conway noted that any conversations Pence had with the former president not subject to executive privilege could be scrutinized, as they didn't involve Trump's executive duties but rather his responsibility to support and defend the US Constitution.[1]

The panel also discussed other legal issues surrounding former President Donald Trump, including his ongoing support for those charged in the January 6 Capitol riot and the Georgia case where Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is expected to announce this summer whether she will bring racketeering and conspiracy charges against Trump's allies for trying to overturn Georgia's 2020 election results.[4] Conway highlighted that Trump should be concerned about both cases and expressed his disappointment in the lack of Republicans calling Trump out for supporting individuals who tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

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During the conversation, the panel touched upon the Jean Carroll case in New York [2], in which she accuses Trump of raping her in the mid-1990s. Conway mentioned that he advised Carroll to get a lawyer after she came forward with her allegations, praising her as a truthful and wonderful person. He emphasized that the pattern of evidence in this case is significant, and under Rule 415 of the federal rules of evidence, multiple women who've come forward with similar allegations against Trump would be allowed to testify. Conway believes the evidence, including testimony from witnesses whom Carroll spoke to shortly after the alleged incident, would play a crucial role in determining the truth.

Additionally, the conversation displayed Conway's discontent with the absence of criticism from Republicans in relation to Trump's persistent backing of those implicated in the Capitol insurrection.

To sum it up, the panel discussion with George Conway highlighted the importance of ongoing legal probes following the 2020 US election and the Capitol disturbance. The conversation also revealed the persistent legal challenges faced by Trump and his associates, along with the potential consequences arising from their actions.

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