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GA. Voters Sue To Keep Marjorie Taylor Greene Off Ballot

A staunch supporter of former President Trump, MTG has repeatedly justified the Jan. 6 attack, which she says was a mostly peaceful election fraud protest.

Link To Lawsuit-

She scoffs at the claim that it was an uprising or insurrection, even though Trump’s extremist supporters openly said they aimed to block Congress from certifying President Biden’s win in the 2020 election.

Most legal experts believe the effort to bounce MTG from the ballot is a long shot. They say it’s debatable whether supporting the Jan. 6 attackers amounts to the same thing as Confederate officials or soldiers who took up arms against the Union in defense of slavery.

The voters filing the challenge are represented by Free Speech For People, a Texas-based advocacy group that brought a similar challenge against Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.). A federal judge dismissed that claim against Cawthorn, but the group is appealing.

Greene represents a very heavily Republican district that is primarily rural northwest Georgia. She won the election in 2020 by a whopping 3-to-1 margin over her Democratic opponent and is heavily favored to win reelection.

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