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Fox News Completely Freaks Out Over Christmas Tree Fire HUMILIATING themselves

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The Fox Christmas Tree being set on fire is nothing short of criminal behavior. And it should be regarded as a danger to the public. Not merely does this expose people to severe injury, but also poses a threat for all those in proximity. Who may end up caught up by flames or toxic smoke. The judge should have held him without bond. Clearly there is something mentally wrong with someone that would perform such an act, with no care of the innocent people merely enjoying the tree.

Here is the whining that followed

“The judge could have found a way to keep him locked up if he felt he was a threat to society,” Fox & Friends cohost Brian Kilmeadesaid on Thursday morning. “Note to judge: He’s a threat to society.” Kilmeade’s cohost, Steve Doocy, lamented the fact that Tamanaha is not considered a hate crime suspect, given that such charges would bar him from making bail. “Apparently lighting a Christmas tree on fire is not a hate crime,” said Doocy, to which Kilmeade replied, “But it is! Who says it’s not a hate crime against us––against Fox News?” On Wednesday’s show, Kilmeade had claimed that the incident was connected to a much larger issue: a massive crime surge in which “no city is safe” and “no person is safe” all across America. “There is so much crime in places that were always safe, including 48th and Sixth here,” he said. “This is emblematic of these cities out of control, defame and defund the police, and this bail reform that has these men and women, these assailants, these suspects out before they can even finish the paperwork. This is what you get when you have these left-wing D.A.s…running these cities, you get chaos.”

But let us examine Fox News’s stance, keep in mind these are the same people that have continued to play down an attack on our capital. As Rambunctious Patriots. The very same individuals who continue calling it a crime and human-rights violation for holding those rioters in jail. Their crimes include acts of violence against Capital Police Officers and Insurrection. Yet call upon Craig Tamanaha. To be held with no bond. They should examine the video below for perspective.

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