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Florida Students Fight for African American Studies Threaten Lawsuit

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By MichaelMH Published Jan 27, 2023

More White Nationalist None-sense from Florida

So, Governor DeSantis of Florida is facing some heat from some whip-smart high school students who ain't gonna stand for his rejection of an AP African American Studies pilot program. Famous civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump is backing them up and has announced that if DeSantis doesn't change his tune, these students are ready to sue the pants off him! "You can't exterminate Black history!" Crump declared at a press conference, and the students couldn't agree more. One of them even said that DeSantis is "stealing the right for students to gather knowledge on a history that many want to know about."

And what's the problem with the course anyway? The Florida Department of Education claims it's "contrary to Florida law" and "lacks educational value." But these students and their supporters aren't buying it. They see it as a blatant attempt to limit the content that applies to African American Studies and African American students' histories. The state's claim of "education, not indoctrination" has been met with a collective eye-roll and a reminder that the government doesn't get to control what students learn based on their point of view. So, let's see if DeSantis has the backbone to face these kids in court!

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