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FBI Seize John Eastman's Devices outside restaurant

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Former law professor and legal adviser John Eastman was searched and had his electronics taken last week.

According to CNN, around the same time that GOP leaders, a former Republican Trump elector from Georgia, and a former Arizona Trump campaign staffer were being awakened by federal agents, John Eastman was also being searched. Appearing in a New Mexico court on Monday, Eastman said that he was filing a lawsuit saying that the search and seizure were "improper."

Eastman was leaving a restaurant after dinner with his wife and a friend when six FBI Agents approached him and asked him to surrender his electronics. He was then read a search warrant that accused him of "communicating threats."

Eastman's attorney, Larry Klayman, said in a statement that the devices taken included Eastman's iPhone, iPad, and laptop computer. Klayman said that the agents also took business cards and other papers from Eastman. Including alleging the agents 'forced' him to unlock his phone," said CNN.

"A seizure warrant document included in Eastman’s filing noted any electronic devices agents seized were to be sent to Washington, DC, or the Justice Department inspector general’s forensic lab in northern Virginia."

"This was a clear case of an abuse of power by the FBI and its agents," Klayman said. "Professor Eastman has not been charged with any crime, let alone convicted of one."

Eastman is a frequent commentator on Tucker Carlson regarding law-and-order issues, and was an adviser to Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. He has also been critical of the January 6 commission investigating the riot at the US Capitol. And has continued to refuse to testify before the committee.

The FBI has not commented on the search and seizure of Eastman's devices.

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