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Elise Stefanik Trumps New Publicists? or NY Rep?

Elise Stefanik and Donald Trump.webp
gop rep.Elise Stefanik and Donald Trump

On Sunday, John Dickerson of CBS News singled out Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) for flagrantly lying about the latest House committee hearing on Capitol Hill, with a pair of Twitter posts, one of which was later deleted. As he pointed out in his tweets, these hearings have painted a portrait that not only did Trump encourage the insurrectionists to storm into Congress, sending lawmakers fleeing, but failed to act to protect the capital.

It seemed as if he were cheering on his people. Even after being urged several times by both family and staff members; they needed him to make an address before this riotous crowd, but no dice! When viewing outtake footage of Trump’s speech (which is PROBABLY heavily edited), we see that he would do absolutely nothing to alienate his MAGA Crowd, whom HE called there to OVERTURN A LAWFUL ELECTION!!!

According to John Dickerson, "By the standard of any profession, a failure this grave would disqualify a person from the job," but that hasn't stopped the Trump apologists from running to defend him, including Stefanik who occupies a GOP leadership position in the House.

As Dickerson pointed out, "the conditioned response is to distract. So, the office of the third most powerful member in House Republican leadership tweeted about today’s hearing: All hearsay." Dickerson added that it wasn't! Trump officials were under oath recounting their direct experiences trying and failing to get President Trump to act to stop the insurrection he incited.

Additionally, Stefanik's office had a part in a tweet that labeled White House staffer Sarah Matthews, "just another liar and pawn in Pelosi's witch-hunt." That tweet was later deleted.>

It's clear that Stefanik and other Trump apologists will stop at nothing to defend the former president, no matter how blatantly he lied or how destructive his actions were. And it's equally clear that they have no qualms about attacking anyone who dares to tell the truth about what happened. I guess they forgot their oath, to uphold and defend, the Constitution of the United States.

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