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Director of Edison School of the Arts Accused of Racial Slur

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By MichaelMH March 8, 2023

A meeting held at Edison School of the Arts in Indianapolis on Tuesday has caused controversy and outrage due to allegations of the school's director, Nathan Tuttle, using a racial slur in front of a Black student last week. Tuttle has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation takes place[1] [2] [3].

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The allegations have sparked a range of reactions from parents, teachers, and board members, with many expressing disgust and outrage at Tuttle's alleged actions. Some parents and teachers have called for Tuttle's removal, while others have highlighted the deeper-seated issues at the school that need to be addressed[1] [2] [3].

Board member Ernest Disney has disputed the allegations, claiming that Tuttle did not use the slur directly at the student, but repeated it in front of them and later apologized[1] [2] [3]. However, Regina Cole, an instructional assistant, has alleged that Tuttle did use the slur multiple times.

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The incident has exposed underlying problems at Edison School of the Arts, with some claiming that the school has created a toxic and uncomfortable environment. Teacher Cinnita Sayles stated that the issue is "bigger than Mr. Tuttle."

The school has released a statement indicating that they take the allegations seriously and have placed Tuttle on administrative leave while they investigate. They have also engaged in conversations with staff, students, and families about the incident and provided support to those affected[1] [2] [3].

In conclusion, the allegations against Nathan Tuttle and the resulting controversy highlight the need for further action to create a safe and inclusive environment at Edison School of the Arts. The school's response is a positive step, but more needs to be done to address the underlying issues at the school.

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