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Donald Trump Jr.'s : Most Bizarre Video Rant Ever

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Donald Trump Jr. is not coping well with Monday's leak of the United States Supreme Court's draft majority opinion ending abortion rights – but not because millions of his fellow citizens will lose their fundamental liberties.

On Wednesday morning, Junior posted a video to Rumble in which he freaked out over the fact that a forthcoming Supreme Court ruling was prematurely made public.

The three-minute video began with an overly stimulated Junior flailing around, shouting about privacy, and demanding a "criminal investigation" into the leak (there is no evidence so far that any laws were broken):

Junior said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation should spearhead his desired probe because it once looked into a suspected noose that was hanging from a garage door belonging to NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, which turned out to be nothing.

There is no connection between the Wallace incident and the Supreme Court leak.

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