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Disney’s Little Mermaid asks for Reparations?

Updated: May 26

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The new Little Mermaid and Penny Proud of the Proud Family

By Gotcha Media | | May 25, 2023

All right, folks, buckle up! I'm Michael Mann, and let's plunge deep into a corner of the internet where the alt-right and Disney characters collide in a confounding deep fake frenzy. [1] What's got the alt-right all riled up? Yes, you heard that right - the casting of a black woman in the remake of Disney’s Little Mermaid.

Let's lay the groundwork: there's a social media platform called Gab. Imagine a digital playground where the alt-right can deep-fake Disney characters with absolute abandon. Now, their latest antics involve none other than our beloved undersea princess, the Little Mermaid.

Picture this: a deep fake of the Little Mermaid, now portrayed by a black woman in Disney's live-action remake, delivering a deep faked reparations speech originally given by the younger daughter of the Proud family, a popular animated series. [2] Can't visualize it? Don't worry, you're not alone.

See Video Here: Proud Family Episode

Now, why would they do this? It's a wild guess, but it seems they're not too pleased with the new Ariel. The fact that she's now a black woman instead of the cartoon's red-haired white girl appears to have upset them. But instead of simply expressing their displeasure, they've taken it a step further, delving into the surreal world of deep fakes.

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Andrew Torba and Utsav Sanduja, the minds behind Gab, have created an environment where any speech, fact or fiction, verified or not, has a place. It's a haven for those feeling stifled on other social platforms. But with freedom comes responsibility, something that Gab appears to ignore. Remember the unfortunate incident at the Washington restaurant? [4] The perpetrator claimed to have been inspired by conspiracy theories on Gab. Disturbing, isn't it?

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Despite these controversies, or perhaps because of them, Gab is growing rapidly in popularity. With 130,000 accounts and counting, this platform is like a bizarre reality show that folks can't stop watching. [3]

In the alternate reality of Gab, deep fakes, conspiracy theories, and unfettered free speech dominate. And with the Little Mermaid in the mix now, it's clear that this strange saga is far from over. Until next time, stay curious and keep questioning what you see online. This is Michael Mann, signing off.

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